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True generous collaboration is in our DNA, since the early days of Montreal NewTech within the Canadian startup ecosystem 10 years ago to date.

We strongly believe that bringing researchers, entrepreneurs, and enterprises to work together, alongside each other’s helps solve meaningful challenges. And we also believe that no one can find such solutions on their own. Open Innovation is a truly team play. It takes a village to raise an entrepreneur, they say, and even more so when you want to see ambitious and exponential innovation blossom. From the get-go, you need potential client-partner who are also subject matter experts in their fields, who have the financial means and the openness to give a chance to an entrepreneur who is more agile, more forwards thinking, more nimble, and who really wanna get sh*t done at the speed of light! …

By Andy Manel

Traditional business models are based on scarcity, concealment (secrecy), and competition, where the value of a product or service comes from limited supply and demand. However, there are ways of using technology and a particular mindset to embrace trust in order to move and generate abundance. Modern business models tend to leverage assets and embrace staff on-demand instead of innovating within the organization.

Trusting in the power of collaborating with external organizations can play a big part in the success of your venture. It’s not an easy decision, but it’s a practical one. Trust is a currency. …

By Andy Manel

Is there beauty and positive outputs in destruction? Let’s explore this idea and see how a “symphony of destruction,” like COVID-19 and technology disruption might offer some illumination at the end of the tunnel.

Creative Destruction is a theory that assumes that long-standing arrangements and assumptions must be destroyed to free up resources and energy for innovation. Creative Destruction is also a mindset and a way to understand how technology evolves and dies, to give space to other new technologies, like an ouroboros.

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The ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its tail. It’s often interpreted as a symbol for eternal cyclic renewal or a cycle of life, death, and rebirth. …

by Andy Manel

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Motivational western speakers say that the word crisis in Chinese characters signifies “danger” and “opportunity” respectively. For your wellness, it’s a good idea to have a positive visualization of what a crisis could mean for you. And yes, new opportunities are on the table.

We’re living in a disrupted time where most of us must stay at home to protect ourselves and others from an unseen virus. Some of us have lost our job, others now have enough time to dream and explore new ideas. …

by Meena Masilamani, Director of Content at Montreal NewTech

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CREATIVE COLLISIONS was born in 2019, the brain child of Montreal NewTech (MNT) that leverages the cumulative learning from our proactive support for the start-up ecosystem in the last 10 years which includes over 100+ demo nights showcasing the start-up and tech talent in our community.

It’s an ambitious experiment that explores the cross-pollination and synergies found in converging two emerging and trans-formative technologies. Each year these two technologies will be chosen independently. …

by Meena Masilamani, Director of Communications Montreal NewTech

This year, FounderFuel’s graduating cohort comprised an exceptional group of entrepreneurs hungry to make their mark on the world. Embarking on the monumental task of building and growing a start-up is a lonely and challenging feat filled with obstacles from obtaining funding, to navigating co-founder dynamics, procuring recurring customers, building a product with market traction, etc.

FounderFuel, as its name implies acts as a catalyst to empower founders to achieve their full potential. …

by Meena Masilamani

Mickael Kanfi, COO at Inerjys Ventures, hosted and moderated the very first MARKETING A START-UP PRE & POST FUNDING talk and panel discussion last Wednesday, August 7th at the Espace cdpq to a sold out crowd.

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If you missed the talks, not to worry, here’s a summary of the main points from each of the speakers.

Starting off the talk was the captivating, Lauren Jane Heller, Director of Communications at Real Ventures. Lauren’s talk titled “How to make your message tasty” — was about harnessing the power of story-telling to inspire and increase customer engagement. …

by Maeva Botrel, Business Intelligence Analyst chez OPAL-RT TECHNOLOGIES

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De droite à gauche: Benoit Skinazi from District M, and Ilias Benjelloun and Maeva Botrel from Montreal NewTech.

Comme vous vous en doutez, Montréal Newtech est partout et pour cette édition de C2 qui a eu lieu ce mois de mai, nous avons explorer l’événement dans une optique de vous revenir avec quelques pratiques qu’utilisent des grandes entreprises et personnes inspirantes de ce monde pour vos day to day work :)


By Meena Masilamani, Director of Communications at MTL NewTech

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Photo credit: Alejandro Martinez-Ramos. Left to right: Bertrand Cesvet, CEO and founder of Sid Lee; Meena Masilamani, Director of Communications at MTL NewTech

Sid Lee, renowned for their creativity and originality is at the forefront of lateral thinking. Their talented team of professionals are leading the way in several sectors from out of the box design thinking, experiential marketing, strategic thinking, and more. Their success is entrenched in the core values of collectivism, embracing change and continuous innovation.

At C2 Montreal, which took place on May 22–24, 2019 we had the opportunity to speak with the man at the helm of Sid Lee, the talented and humble, Bertrand Cesvet. …

By Timothy Pereira, Founder, ConcordA

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Timothy Pereira

My interest in AI began when I got involved with Artificial Intelligence Concordia. I was lucky to been a part of the District 3 Residency Program as well as the Fintech Cadence (previously FormFintech) Formathon in 2018 and thought it would be interesting to have an AI focused program inspired by those programs. In general, those who want to learn skills in AI can try to learn on their own with online resources, take online courses, or pursue a master’s degree with an AI specialization. This is beginning to change slightly with some undergraduate options and boot camps, though they can be very expensive (ConcordAI is only $25). On the work side, we saw that internship options offered the bait of machine learning or AI in the name, but sometimes little in real AI work or mentorship. Our priority is to provide a great AI learning experience through the process of creation and mentorship for ConcordAI participants. The skills and experience gained in these programs can bring someone to where they are vetted and ready to contribute at high levels of value in industry projects. On the startup side, finding AI talent is not easy, and a lot of value can be provided in 8 weeks with the extremely high levels of motivation and talent in our cohort. …


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