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3 min readApr 28, 2022

Highlighting the change-makers in our ecosystem by Yusun Ingoshi

EMMANUEL CAMERON— SCA 2021 Connector of the Year

“Over the past 9 years, Emmanuel Cameron has devoted himself to the development of Quebec’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, including the establishment of the first startup incubator in Montérégie: Le Garage & co. Thanks to his experience in economic development, acquired through his time at Futurpreneur Canada and on the APDEQ Board of Directors, he co-founded Continuums, a center for structuring projects in entrepreneurial innovation. Continuums promotes the connections of startups with the economic, political and academic worlds. The objective is to create a model of innovation through entrepreneurship that will serve as a showcase for Quebec and Canada internationally.”

Emmanuel Cameron
  1. How many years have you been involved in the ecosystem?

8 years already… my beard is just turning grey (hehe)

2. What do you think of the next InnovHq award?

We at Continuums and MTL NewTech are fortunate to be able to support a new leader in the energy transition through the establishment of an award that will reward our most innovative companies, SMEs and startups in the province. What do you hope to achieve? This is a unique opportunity to showcase the ingenuity and know-how of many Quebec organizations to demonstrate the strength of our entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem in the face of climate change!

3. How do you hope this award will help the energy sector and the QC ecosystem?

By offering the chance for startup support, economic development, the research community and governments to work together to address these challenges.

4. What is a cause that you cherish?

Promoting startups and innovation everywhere in Québec to make sure it is understood as well as considered as career paths.

5. What do you think is missing in our ecosystem to make us stand out in the world?

More ambassadors throughout the world, connecting us to a web of opportunities and being models for newer entrepreneurs.

6. What/Who are you most grateful for in our ecosystem and why?

The solidarity between entrepreneurs, seasoned ones like rookies, is proving to be a force for good pushing our ecosystem forward. I’m therefore really grateful for the benevolence we show in the community.

7. What is an important lesson you have learned from a setback you have faced in your journey?

Being an impact-driven entrepreneur, the purpose and the people touched by my projects are really important to me. I’ve been called an idealist many times and I’ve been challenged about scaling down my goals. However, if you believe enough in yourself and your team, you can always outlast the critics. When you combine ideas and perseverance, it’s just a matter of time before you’ll find a breach towards success.

8. Is there anyone that has made great impact in our ecosystem that you would like us to highlight and possibly reach out to for an interview?

Noah Redler: a real cofounder of the ecosystem not getting noticed enough for all he brought and all the innovative stuff he’s working on right now.



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