What’s happening next week at Startup Open House?

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3 min readMay 17, 2024

700 people already registered, buses during SOH, Track based tours, 70 Startups & Scaleups opening doors & what not, keep tuned!

This week we unveiled 60 startups, scaleups and 10 host organizations who are opening their doors next week (May 23rd) during Startup Open House. We are super excited to share all these exciting updates with you all and we hope to have you join us at Startup Open House next week at 1pm! Go discover them on startupopenhouse.org

Tracks A.K.A Circuits at Startup Open House

This year, presented by 5 partners, we have track based option during Startup Open House. Either craft your own Path or go visit the tracks based on different industries in a group, some are led by the tour guides

1. Hop on the Fintech Tour with Tour leader Karina from Fintech Cadence and meet all the Fintech enthusiasts

2. Join Alice, Diana from V1 Studio at District 3 at 1pm to start the Scientific Entrepreneurship Track

3. Join Mehdi & Dominique from Printemps Numerique at MT Lab to start your visits of culture & creativity startups hosted at Zu, MT Lab & La Piscine

4. Hop on the bus to visit the Digital Transformation startups or Social Economy cooperatives at WebTV Coop

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Buses running during SOH

Thanks to our financial partners, we were able to bring back the famous buses during Startup Open House, hop on the buses starting at Square Victoria OACI, Notman House, District 3 & Millennium Quebec at 1pm to go visit the startups you would like to visit. We also have guided tours on different topics as part of the buses, so keep reading to know more ;)

More events during Startup Open House

Not only the opportunity to visit the different startups during Startup Open House, you can also join several events starting as early at 1130 am on May 23rd till 11:30 pm either hosted by us or startups & host organizations.

1. Join Landerz at 4pm where they show their story of raising recent funds

2. Join Millennium Quebecor for the demo of 10 startups

3. Join Cycle Momentum to learn about Cleantech + Financing

4. Join us for After Hours

Note: Many events are still getting uploaded on our collection, so keep an eye ;)

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