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How great is it to have been part of the Startup Community Awards, a celebration from the community, by the community and for the community? Well, having you participate over the years has given us even more determination to make this year’s 4th edition more memorable, and we hope that your part in it pushes further our celebration of community; of each other.

Here’s a quick throwback to the SCA 2021 event in reflection and gratitude of the beautiful faces that graced the occasion, and the celebrated brilliance of the changemakers in our community:

Startup Community Awards 2021

We have braved the pandemic, we now face particularly difficult geopolitical and economic climates, but with resilience and determination we live each day with the goal of improving our ecosystem. Let’s highlight these efforts, and together create impact and momentum around this year’s nominations. Who would you like to highlight this year for their efforts to make our community thrive?

  1. Nominate them using the Typeform ➡️ and we’ll take care of the rest in preparation for the voting period.
  2. Share this LinkedIn Post with the short blurb and visual (if needed). Feel free to use your own words in call for nominations but remember to use the tags @MTL NewTech #SCA2022 #friendsofmnt so that we can appreciate your efforts!

@MTL NewTech #SCA2022 #friendsofmnt

In the spirit of celebrating and highlighting the work in our community, I’m proud to support the 4th edition of the Startup Community Awards. We need to recognize the changemakers who are pushing boundaries to make our ecosystem great. My nominations are in, and I cannot wait to celebrate them ➡️

Startup Community Awards Nominations

3. To give back 🥰 we have 30 tickets to give away to the fastest of you who will l nominate, share & interact with our LinkedIn Post. Ready to take on this challenge?

While we wait for your nominations, your participation, and our December 1st reunion at the gala, we send you the most beautiful autumnal energy🍁🍂

Take care of yourself, stay warm, and let’s keep innovating together,

MNT Team



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