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2 min readFeb 27, 2023

Resources from our ecosystem to our community — by Yusun Ingoshi

OpenData Hackathon 2018

Get your agendas out! Here’s another #MondaysMeetings where we’ll share opportunities from our ecosystem each week that our community can benefit from. Start the week right with a couple of educational resources from valuable organizations:

  1. Let’s talk Cybersecurity — Desjardins Entreprises’ Startup in Residence’s cybersecurity accelerator applications are open until March 9th. Can startups help SMEs and individuals deal with cyberattacks, particularly ransomware?
  2. Fintech Certificate by Fintech Cadence — Building Blocks of AI course registration open until March 4th. Take advantage of these introductory courses into the world of fintech.
  3. Learn to code your first web page — Le Wagon’s free coding class February 28th, in collaboration with Desjardins Caisse des Technologie
Africa Web Festival 2018

In celebration of Black History Month, here are more resources and opportunities for Black tech entrepreneurs, allies, and other techies alike:

  1. Rep Matters Breakfast Club — Every 1st Wednesday of the month; a monthly morning meetup for Black entrepreneurs and creatives looking to join the Montreal Startup ecosystem, build community, and gain knowledge on access to VC funding.
  2. BlackMint — Champions diversity in the technology industry by empowering Black youth with the tools to develop professionally, build connections and stay inspired throughout their academic careers
  3. BFUTR Global Tech Summit — 3-day summit held in October and organized by the Black Professionals in Tech Network (BPTN) and TELUS Digital gathers Black professionals in tech to confront and discuss common challenges, support each other, and build a network that introduces more opportunity.
  4. BKR Capital (formerly Black Innovation Capital) — Want funding to be more accessible to innovative companies led by Black teams to build wealth for our communities and enrich the venture capital space.

More opportunities in our Ecosystem Calendar

Keep being innovative, have a resourceful week, and happy Black History Month! ☀️ 👋🏾



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